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Jackpot Vodka Help Page

What Is Jackpot Vodka?
Jackpot Vodka™ is the first spirits product by ultra-premium spirits maker Jackpot Spirits. A first-of-its-kind, Jackpot Vodka features a unique code concealed on every bottle, redeemable for a minimum of $25 in resort credit at the Las Vegas Palms Casino Resort. Jackpot ensures that every bottle is a winner!

How Do I Redeem My Resort Credit?
At your next visit to the Las Vegas Palms Casino Resort, go to the Club Palms Rewards Desk and present a valid photo ID and your email address to receive your resort credit. You can only redeem one resort credit per day.

Why Is My Code Invalid?
Every bottle of Jackpot Vodka has a unique 5 character code. The code consists of digits, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters. Please enter the code exactly as printed to ensure the system recognizes and registers the code for redemption.

Does My Resort Credit Expire?
The Las Vegas Palms Casino Resort will honor your Jackpot Vodka resort credit through December 31, 2015.

Why Is My Code Already Redeemed?
Each Jackpot Vodka 5 character code can only be redeemed once. If you have entered your unique code, you will not be able to redeem the same 5 character code a second time.

Thank you for purchasing Jackpot Vodka! If you have any additional questions or suggestions, please email us at